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June 14, 2017

Welcome to the World Camden

From the moment Desiree told me she was pregnant, her and her hubby couldn’t be more excited! Over time as Desiree would get closer and closer to the day Camden was going to arrive- we continued to talk about how crazy it is. How crazy it is that we think our whole lives about how we want to get married and start a family- and then all the sudden (it seems like in the blink of an eye), the day is here. I remember when Desiree and Shalimar got married and her being on cloud nine from marrying the man of her dreams. But now, they both have felt a love they never knew, the love for their beautiful baby boy. Camden was the sweetest little guy during his session- he wanted to know what was going on and just modeled for the camera! I truly enjoyed being able to capture the first days of this sweet baby boy’s life, and document this new family of three. Congrats Desiree & Shalimar! I couldn’t be happier for you two!

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