My name is Alex and I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer that was born + raised in the beautiful state of Maryland. I'm Charleston obsessed (did I mention that?!), I love gorgeous sunsets, and I’m absolutely madly in love with our little boys, Joey IV + Luca, and our two frenchies, Sebastian & Bouche! I have an amazing Husband, Joey, who is my rock, and believes in me more than I believe in myself. Together, we love that we grew up in the same small Maryland town, being by the ocean, sushi and Disney World (that’s where we got engaged!). 

A few of the things I love are Lilly Pulitzer (calling all Lilly obsessed Brides!), Charleston, Disney, and anything sweet. Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal (or at least I wish she was!) and we live in a white + black farmhouse! I love couples that welcome me into their life, love to laugh, and give each other the occasional butt grab.



Meet my little

Joey III, Joey IV + Luca

My favorite boys EVER!
My reason for everything I do.


Our second born pup! He's wild, loves to play, and snuggle with his family & brothers.


Our first born pup! He's super lazy, looks like a meatball, and loves to snooze! 

Photography is not just my career, it's part of who I Am

I don't do anything halfway, if I love something- I love it hard. 

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quick facts about me

I grew up in a small Maryland town where you run into everyone you know when you go to the grocery store, open fields at sunset are where it's at, and the local ice cream shop is a happening place on a Friday night. I love bright colors but our farmhouse is white & black (love simplicity when it comes to our house! haha), I have the biggest sweet tooth ever, and time with my family is everything. I love bad reality TV, sushi is my favorite meal, Peonies are my favorite flower and Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal (at least I wish she was!).

and my favorites

my style

Trends are cool and all- I can definitely get with the latest and greatest, but when it comes to my photography classic and timeless is what I strive for. I want my couples and families to look back years from now and appreciate the beautiful colors and emotion captured in their images. I strive for my sessions and images to be fun and full of love.

timeless and colorful

my photography style

I feel like I love different drinks at different times in different places. On a beautiful day spending time with my hubby or friends and eating cheese (I LOVE cheese-YUM!) I go for a sparkling rosé. On vacation I go for a miami vice or mojito. In Charleston, I'm going to go for a fun cocktail. And if it's fall, I'm 100% going for a hard cider.

happy hour drink

my go to

Honestly my Dad always has loved photography, so I had a camera in my hand from a very young age. As I grew up I took my camera EVERYWHERE. I was that girl in college with the bright blue canon at the parties. I shot for yearbook. I did it all. My dream was always to be a wedding photographer, but it was always that big dream that I never believed would actually happen... but a girl can dream right? Until I met my husband, and he pushed me to pursue my dreams. I started shooting couples in love and the rest was history. Now I'm full time and I shoot 20-25 weddings a year. I've never been so fulfilled with my career in my life. This is 100% my calling.


why i became a

While I love Summer (close second), there is something about the beauty of the changing season that fall brings. The days are not too hot, not too cold, with a 100% chance of something pumpkin related. I love Halloween, it's always been my favorite holiday. From a photography standpoint it's my CRAZY time of year- I have weddings (and sometimes two) most weekends in September & October... I live for it. It's my favorite time of year to shoot, the changing colors are stunning. And the weather helps my couples out a little bit when they are wearing those suits and gorgeous heavy dresses.

is fall

my favorite season

I have three favorite places in this world, asking me to pick 1 is just too hard. Disney World, Charleston, and Oak Island, NC. My family has always been Disney obsessed and my hubby joined in on that when he popped the question in front of Cinderella's Castle- my dream proposal! Charleston speaks to me. I love the south and everything about it. Spanish moss, beautifully colored historical buildings, amazing food, biscuits, pink buildings, I could go on and on. Oak Island, NC is this small beach my family has gone to every summer since before I was born. Now my little family also goes, this year will be baby Joey's first time!

place to visit

my favorite

Through experience, I have learned that my true calling is to serve others and help them create and document all the beautiful moments this life has to offer. My favorite part about doing what I do isn't the wedding cake (even though that is pretty dang good!), but it's developing a relationship with my couples and being there with them every step of the way through their wedding journey. 

From fixing your hair during your engagement session, to giving advice on bridesmaids dresses, to bustling your dress during the reception... 

I consider myself way more than JUST a photographer

All the pretty on the daily

Instagram: @alexandramandato

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